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What makes Gekks Different?


After installation, Gekks stay locked inside your shoes for as long as you want to keep them in there. Headed for lunch, to walk the dog, or out with friends for the evening and want to sport the sockless look? No need to deal with low cut socks or medicated foot powder, just slip into your shoes with Gekks installed for ultimate comfort. Gekks are locked in place using a custom formulated adhesive gel, designed to be tacky enough to keep Gekks stuck in place, but will not leave any residue in the shoe. Lastly, our gel is washable if you feel like you want to freshen up your Gekks, just remember to air dry.


Stench Control

The feeling of wearing a thin sock gives you comfort, and having it firmly adhered to the shoe gives you convenience, but we know that is only part of the issue. If we made Gekks out of a standard nylon or polyester sock, it wouldn't do anything to combat the bacteria that causes that terrible sockless stench we all unfortunately know. 

We have built Gekks using 99.9% pure silver yarns, made by permanently bonding the naturally antimicrobial silver to the surface of the fiber. This technology, also used by United States Special Forces and NASA to keep feet clean and odor free on long missions, is permanently knitted into Gekks so it will not wash off or wear off like some coatings on the market. 

As the foot sweats, odor causing bacteria travels in the moisture of the sweat and eventually gases out the sockless stench. However, with Gekks installed, when that bacterial filled moisture travels through the yarn it is eliminated by the silver! So go sockless and sweat away, Gekks will be working hard eliminating that bacteria as you're walking around!