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No more smelly and uncomfortable shoes

Odor control for boat shoes, loafer shoes, and driver shoes

Gekks are ultra-thin liner socks made of a powerful antimicrobial silver yarn that eliminates stench-causing bacteria. Insert them into any loafer-type shoe, and forget about all the drawbacks that come with going sockless in the summer.

Our patented design allows Gekks to be temporarily adhered to the inside of your shoes without altering the way it fits or feels. Using a combination of knitting techniques and a thin adhesive gel on the outside of the liner, they remain firmly in place until you want to wash them or move them to another pair of shoes.

Sport the sockless look with confidence. Pre-order yours now!


  • Innovative patented design grips liner to the inside of your shoe
  • Still slip in and out of your shoes barefoot
  • Powerful antimicrobial silver yarn eliminates stench-causing bacteria
  • Ultra-thin breathable fabric
  • Machine washable


  • Complete odor control
  • Rock the sockless look with comfort
  • No need to wash after every use - wear tested for weeks with no odor
  • Move to another pair of shoes
  • Same technology that keeps US Special Forces gear fresh during long missions

Better Than

  • Going barefoot without protection
  • Ultra low cut loafer socks that slip off
  • Low cut socks that show
  • Medicated powder