Fun Unique Shoes to Try with Gekks!

Jess Fang

November 13, 2018

Here are the fun, unique shoes that caught my eye and stole my heart.

Irregular Choice Sulu Flats

A few weeks ago, someone reached out to us and asked if Gekks worked in the beautiful soles of Irregular Choice shoes. Here at Gekks, we were skeptical since the product photos online made it seem like the inside soles were made up of a velvet fabric, which wouldn't have been ideal for our sticky adhesives. We bought a pair and proved our doubts wrong. Gekks did work very well in Irregular Choice shoes! In fact, I was so enamored by the details of the shoe: the gold glitter finishes, the ocean-inspired metallic gradients, and the cute fabric collar, it got me clicking away on the inter-webs on the hunt for more fun shoe brands.

Here are the unique shoes that caught my eye and stole my heart.

T.U.K. Black Sophistakitty Flats
I'm not a flat person but (little Jess fact), I adopted a cat in January 2018 and my-oh-my, these flats would 100% be the first pair of flats I own. Get yourself some cat flats and Gekks for flats!

T.U.K. Cat Flats


Katy Perry's The Lefty

Another Jess Fact: Sharks are my favorite animals in the world. When I saw these pair of flats, I gasped out loud or squealed, maybe both. Shark flats...I might have to start wearing Gekks for flats now...The rest of Katy Perry's shoe brand is incredibly fun, too! 

Katy Perry's Shark Flats


T.U.K. Ice Iridescent Casbah Creeper 

These sneakers are honestly perfect to add a ~chilly~ touch to those warmer regions or to complement the winter temperatures in the chillier regions (aka Chicago 90% of the time).  A cool thing about these shoes is that they're vegan with removable memory foam insoles! Ice T.U.K.s and Gekks for sneakers are a match made in heaven.

T.U.K. Ice Sneakers


Loly in the Sky Daniela Pig Loafers

This little piggy went...right into my shopping cart and then right back out (mainly cause I financially can't keep buying cute things, ah!) Here's fashionably adorable pair of loafers to try Gekks with

Loly in the Sky Pig Flats

That concludes this short list of fun shoe brands to try Gekks with, also known as Jess's funky shoe wish list. If anyone tries any of these shoes with Gekks, send us your photos so I can live vicariously through you. If you have any questions about Gekks compatible shoes (or anything else), please don't be shy and shoot us an email at! 

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