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Gekks, explained.

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Socks are no bueno.

Socks pose all sorts of problems. You're constantly adjusting no show socks from sliding down your heel, and they still show. Unless your sock drawer is perfectly organized (and if you say it is, you're lying) it's almost impossible to find two of a kind. With Gekks, you'll never need to look for no show socks again.

No socks are no bueno.

Not only do your feet smell, but your shoes smell too, not to mention the blisters you get without socks. If this wasn’t enough, walking boldly into the world without socks jeopardizes the freshness and life of your shoe. Luckily for you, a pair of Gekks can solve all these problems.

Gekks include an ultra thin fastening system that won't alter the way your shoes fit.

The magic is all in this small fastening strip that is attached to both the Gekks and the gripper for a perfect, no slip fit inside your shoe. Install and go!

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