About Gekks

  • How do Gekks stay in my shoe?

    Unlike any other no show sock, Gekks have a patented fastening system that grip Gekks to the inside of your shoes. Using a silicone based adhesive that is attached to the sock, Gekks lock in place at the heel, sole, and (depending on the style) the tongue of your shoes. You can then conveniently slip in and out barefoot, but get the comfort of a thin liner sock while walking around.

    As you slip into your shoes, the thin, breathable toe section will stretch and snugly fit to your toes. To remove Gekks from your shoes, simply peel the Gekks straight back. Gekks are thin enough that they do not alter the way your shoes feel if you desire to wear the shoes with regular high cut socks.

  • Which Gekks for Booties?

    Gekks for Sneakers work great in boots. However, we are currently working on making Gekks specifically for boots as well. We hope to have them released by 2022.

  • I'm in between sizes, should I size up or down?

    We recommend sizing up if you are in between sizes! The reason for this is that Gekks are sized to fit the smallest in each range and expand to accommodate the larger sizes.

  • How do you control the sockless stench?

    We have built Gekks using 99.9% pure silver yarns, made by permanently bonding naturally antimicrobial silver metal to the surface of nylon fiber. This technology, also used by United States Special Forces and NASA to keep the skin clean and odor free on long missions, is permanently knitted into Gekks. It will not wash off or wear off like other antimicrobial coatings on the market. As the foot sweats, odor causing bacteria travels in the moisture of the sweat and eventually gases out that terrible sockless stench. However, with Gekks installed, when that bacterial filled moisture travels through the liner it is eliminated when it hits the silver yarn! So go sockless with confidence, Gekks will be working hard eliminating that bacteria as you're walking around!

  • How long do Gekks last?

    Much like your shoes, how long your Gekks last depends on how frequently you wear them. A general rule of thumb is that we design Gekks to last the lifetime of your shoe. When it's time for a new pair of shoes, it's also time for a new pair of Gekks.

  • What type of shoes can Gekks be worn with?

    Gekks can be worn with four types of shoes: women's & men's loafers and slip-ons, women's & men's sneakers and lace-ups, heels, and ballet flats. If you ever have questions about what pair you should order, check the style guide on the bottom of our product pages or shoot us a quick email. We'll be happy to help you find your perfect match.

  • What are Gekks made of?

    Gekks are made of nylon, polyester, and silver coated nylon. Gekks are vegan and made with recycled materials, you can learn more about the technology behind this here. The exact break down depends on the style. Sneakers and Loafers are made of 39% nylon, 55% polyester, 6% silver coated nylon. Flats and Heels are made of 35% nylon, 60% polyester, 5% silver coated nylon. Our Gekks for Flats and Heels also have a fully seamless toe.

  • Are Gekks machine washable?

    Gekks are machine washable. Do not iron or bleach. While Gekks are machine washable you will not have to wash them often, if at all, because they are made with antimicrobial silver yarn to combat odor.

  • Can you transfer Gekks from shoe to shoe?

    Absolutely, Gekks are designed so that they can be transfered from shoe to shoe without losing their stick or leaving any residue behind. However, Gekks are most convenient and last the longest when dedicated to one pair of shoes.

About Shipping

  • What shipping service do you use?

    We ship via UPS with a transfer to your local post office for the final leg of your delivery.

  • How long does shipping normally take?

    Shipping normally takes between 2 - 5 business days within the contiguous United States. If you feel that your order has been held up or delayed in processing, just email us! We are happy to get to the bottom of it for you and can resolve most shipping issues on your behalf.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We do! We ship worldwide from Chicago, IL for only $8.00 USD.

  • Where can I check the status of my order?

    When you originally placed an order, you received an email that contains a confirmation link where you can get real time updates on the status of your order. If you have an account with us, you can easily keep track of this through your dashboard. If you need any help setting up an account or finding your order status, just email us! Someone will get back to you shortly.

About the Company

  • Where is Gekks headquartered?

    We are located in and manufacture Gekks in Chicago, IL.

  • Can I place a wholesale order?

    Yes! We are currently taking new wholesale customers. Email us at gosockless@mygekks.com with your information and a representative will be in touch. Thank you for your interest in Gekks!