Justin and Christian join a fraternity in college and wear smelly boat shoes


Justin moves to NYC and is annoyed by his sticky boat shoes on hot summer days, and wants a better solution to no-show socks.

He buys a sewing machine and plays with silicone adhesive in his kitchen (against his wife's wishes) trying to stick a sock inside a shoe.

Justin and his wife move back to Chicago and have Isabella

Publications start to endorse Gekks as a great solution to pair with different types of stylish shoes

BuzzFeed, Maxim, Vogue, She Finds, Real Simple

Justin and Christian have boys within a month of each other wives convince them to launch Baby Gekks (in process)


Kaitlyn joins the team. Gekks moves its headquarters to Northern Chicago


Mom dresses all brothers the same


They begin their finance careers - quickly get tired of being number monkeys


Christian quits his job to join Justin and start by launching Gekks on Kickstarter, which raised $100,000 of pre-sales in 30 days

Justin and Christian live in a small town in upstate New York for three months while programming a silicone coating machine that manufactures the first batch of Gekks


Manufacturing problems convince Justin, Christian and George, their oldest brother, to drive a Uhaul to NY to pick up their silicone coating machines in the middle of the night and drive back to Chicago (see article in Inc. Magazine), where they could oversee the quality and speed of the production line


To reach a broader market, Gekks develop and launch a new fastening system for flats, loafers and sneakers that include leather, cloth and vinyl interiors.


Gekks for heels officially launched, and Jess joins the team. Gekks moves it headquarters and manufacturing to two new facilities located in the West Loop of Chicago


The team is hard at work improving Gekks everyday

Meet the Team

Justin Arquilla


Christian Arquilla


Kaitlyn Bradshaw

Web Developer & Operations, Director

KC Keesee

Head of Product Development

Kylie Rosenbloom

Head of Graphic Design and Marketing

Opal Bradshaw

Product Tester