Gekks Knitting Technology Ft. Cole Haan GrandPro Sneakers

Justin Arquilla

December 05, 2018

I have always been a fan of Cole Haan and admired the company’s ability to balance classic style with improvements in footwear technology. The problem is, they RARELY have my size in any of their shoes.  Someone else with a size 14 foot must have complained enough, because when I checked out Cole Haan shopping for my fall and winter sneakers, they had almost every style in my size!

As I perused the site, I was immediately hooked on these GrandPro StitchliteTM Sneakers. Not only are they a perfect fit for Gekks’ Men’s Sneaker Socks, but the two products have a cool parallel history. Some of the same knitting technicians and designers that programmed and prototyped the original Gekks are now doing the same for shoe uppers at Cole Haan! So not only were these StitchliteTM shoes great looking, but I knew they were designed and imagined with the same passion that went into figuring out how to knit Gekks.

Cole Haan GrandPro Stitchlite Sneakers with Gekks

Gekks and Cole Haan Knit GrandPro Sneakers

The shoes themselves are super comfortable, as are most Cole Haan GrandPros. They are a great shoe for casual offices days that flow into happy hour nights, as the knit upper makes them super light and great for trekking around town. Word to the wise though, the ideal temp for these shoes is 40+ degrees…because they are knit, wearing them in any colder weather gets a little chilly on the toes even with Gekks installed!

Get the look:

Gekks’ Men’s Sneaker Socks

Cole Haan Men's GrandPro Running Sneaker with Stitchlite™

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