Super Quick, Easy, and Stylish DIY Halloween Costume

Jess Fang

October 25, 2018

With expensive costumes and spooky decorations, Halloween is a dangerous time for many wallets. To save money, I try to get crafty with my own costumes every year! Since 2018 has been flying by, I decided to put together a very quick, incredibly easy halloween costume, an ice cream cone. 

Ice Cream DIY Halloween Costume

I took a short trip to our nearby Goodwill and found a great foundation for my Halloween costume all for under $36.

You'll need some colorful felt, scissors, glue gun, a hair tie (or headband), and a pair of Gekks for heels. 

  1. Cut out little sprinkles and a cherry for toppings.

  2. Hot glue the sprinkles onto the top half of the top and the cherry to a hair tie.

  3. Install your Gekks!

DIY Halloween Costume Steps

There you have it! A simple and stylish Halloween Costume that you can add your own little flare to with toppings. Not to mention, now you have a pair of Gekks for heels to help your soles survive all those Halloween parties and trick-o-treating. 

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