Gekks and Sperry's Go Way Back

Justin Arquilla

August 07, 2018

I’ve been wearing Sperrys since before college, and try (probably unsuccessfully) to pull them off in some sort of fashion other than “preppy frat guy”. Stereotypes aside, they are an American staple.  And, I’d be lying if I said they were not a huge reason why Gekks were developed in the first place. If you don’t know the backstory, here’s the cliff notes version: guy marries girl, girl won’t put up with the inevitable “sperry stank”, guy tries no show socks, socks slip down and are always missing, guy searches to the end of the internet for no show socks that stay inside shoes, finds nothing, makes some. There you have it.

As much love as I have for the brand, Sperrys were getting a little stale up until a few years back with the launch of the Gold Cup. I was excited to try them and ordered some as soon as I heard about them. As a frequent Sperry user, all I can say about the Gold Cup are that they are total game changer. On the exterior, some small gold hardware a white trim on the sole of the shoe give a much more polished look than the Sperry Authentic Original. However, the big improvement comes in the form of the Ortholite padded insole that adds a huge layer of walking comfort compared to the Authentic Original. It really is like walking on clouds compared to the Authentic Original, and for an extra $70 well worth it.

Gekks and Sperry's Go Way Back by Justin Arquilla

I still remember the first time I installed Gekks into a pair of Sperry Gold Cup; my first thought was this is the ultimate Summer footwear experience and nothing can beat it. The comfort of a moisture wicking, thin no show sock always inside the shoe combined with the Ortholite padded insole is the ultimate combination for a long summer day. And because the exterior is such a mainstay, the shoes go such a long way with what they can be paired with. Until Sperry comes out with something better, prepare to see me in Gold Cups with Gekks installed for years to come.   

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