The World Most Comfortable Flats Meet Gekks

Kaitlyn Bradshaw

July 31, 2018

I absolutely love these shoes. When Jess suggested I order them I was skeptical. I don’t typically wear bright colors or bold prints – both of which describe this brand. However, from the second I put them on my feet, I was in love.

To understand my immediate infatuation with Thando’s Flats, I need to give you some background. Every new pairs of shoes I wear gives me blisters. It’s simply part of the shoe experience for me (and my incredibly sensitive skin). But, these defied that standard.

I knew from the first wear that there was no chance I’d develop any blisters or foot pain.

Also, they are incredibly beautiful. The patterns are designed by local African artists and each purchase helps benefit the communities of the artists who design the shoes.

The World Most Comfortable Flats Meet Gekks by Kaitlyn Bradshaw

The pop of color ended up giving my neutral wardrobe the boost it needed and if that wasn’t enough, I knew my purchase was helping to make a difference.

In a world of pros, there is only one con with these flats; they get dirty and show that dirt easily. What’s not pictured in these photos is me furiously scrubbing at them with tide to go pens in between each shoot. When I purchase my next pair (and there will definitely be a next pair), I think I’ll go with a darker and hopefully more dirt resistant color.

Lastly, because of the super soft insides, I wouldn't ever where these without my Gekks for Flats. While they feel amazing, it's not hard to see how odor causing bacteria could find a very luxurious home inside of these shoes. 


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