Gekks Compliment My Love for Converse

Jess Fang

July 18, 2018

I’m just going to put this out there for everyone reading this...I have been a big fan of Converse since I was in the wee 7th grade and my love for it just grows every year as I explore different colors and styles. So could you imagine my excitement when I could try Gekks in not one, but TWO pairs of Converse!? For those rare breeds who haven’t heard of Converse, they were created in 1908 and have progressed from the “All Star” basketball shoe to the classic “Chuck Taylor”. Now they’ve expanded to include various street style sneakers. For this Gekks Shoe Trials I got the All Star Ox in Navy (I put in a Gekks medium sneakers for a size 8 women’s).

Converse are already very comfortable walking shoes and if you take good care of them, can last years due to the great quality. I’ve had Converse that have lasted over 6 years, so I can’t even imagine how long they’ll last with Gekks installed in them! Installation in Converse went pretty smoothly, you just have to make sure you massage your Gekks for at least 15 seconds for each adhesive, especially the tongue one.

I truly stand by the statement Converse look good with anything, but for this style I think they look best with casual attire. Take a look at some of my outfits this week!

Because this Gekks trial worked so well with these Converse, I installed Gekks into my all-black low cut Converse, which I use primarily for weight lifting. I’ve always been annoyed at the growing pile of socks I wear just for a few hours at the gym. Believe it or not, not having to dig through socks in my gym bag really saves time, too. Not washing socks + not searching for socks = fitness game changed.

My shoe styles growing up have always either been Converse or flip flops due to consistent convenience and reliability, much like a Mcdonalds drive through. Gekks have only made the convenience and life span of my Converse increase tenfold. Will my Mom ever have the daughter she’s always wanted who doesn’t resort to just Converse and flip flops?

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