Let’s Go Places (with Vans and Gekks)

Kaitlyn Bradshaw

June 27, 2018

Not to be outdone by Jess’ Bleach SeaVees, I also decided to live a little dangerously and order Classic Vans, size 7, in white. I’m proud to announce that I only had to use a detergent pen on them once (and, of course, it was right before one of the photo shoots).

Classic Vans pair best with Gekks for Loafers & Slip-Ons. At a size 7 - 7.5, I’m a Gekks’ Medium.

The shoes were wonderfully comfortable, if not a little snug (I probably could have gone with a size 8). I’ve been wearing Vans since I was in Junior High but this time I had Gekks to keep them fresh and odor free. Side note, I’m sure my mom really wishes Gekks were around during my checkered Van, skater girl with sweaty feet phase.

If it weren’t for some smudges on the outside, I honestly think I could get away with returning these shoes – not that I would want to!

The insides are just as fresh and clean as when I opened the box.

Plus, it felt great knowing I had an extra layer of protection against the damage new shoes can do to sensitive skin. I like to have one go to pair of shoes that I wear over and over again and I’m not easy on my shoes. Gekks feel like a lifesaver in these Vans: no sweat, no smell, no gross sticky feeling between my toes. I highly recommend this combination.

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