Put Some Spring in Your Step

Kylie Rosenbloom

February 24, 2020

I bought these shoes a year ago, and I was so excited. I’d never had any shoes in this style, and thought they were perfect for Spring, which I had been desperately searching for. 

When I wore them for the first time, I realized they weren’t as perfect as I had anticipated. They gave me blisters, and no socks worked with them because they all showed on the sides and top. Wearing them in warm weather with no socks and my feet covered in band-aids did not appeal to me. Not being able to find a solution to these problems I was facing, I sadly decided to shelve these shoes.

I finally found the solution to my problems: Gekks

Now that I have Gekks, I can take these shoes off of the shelf and wear them comfortably. The design of Gekks allow the back and sides of my foot to be protected by cushiony material, so I no longer have to deal with painful blisters. And because Gekks are designed not to show, these are the perfect sock to wear with these shoes.

Which Style Gekks to Wear?

 Like our last blog post detailed, slip-on shoes can be worn with different versions of Gekks. Because these particular shoes are a unique style, I wasn’t sure which Gekks would work with them. After trying our Flats Style, Loafers Style and Sneakers Style, I settled on Loafers. The tongue portion of these socks covered the top of my foot without showing, and the thicker material added some extra padding, which helped me fit into these shoes better.

I decided on Loafers, but now which color?

Our Loafer Style comes in 4 different colors: Rose, Navy, Teal and Black. While Gekks won’t show, it’s still fun to have bright colored socks. My personal preference is Rose. The light color accentuates the softness of Gekks, so I feel like I’m walking on cotton candy. What’s better than that?

So, if you’re like me and stare longingly at a pair of shoes that you want to wear, but can’t seem to make work, then I highly suggest you try Gekks. 



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