Tom’s, Meet Your Solemate

Kaitlyn Bradshaw

February 17, 2020

There are three styles of shoes that are staples in my closet. A pair of black flats, a pair of black ankle boots, and, of course, my classic Tom’s.



If you are a lover of all things Tom’s then you’ll know that there is something especially gross about trying to wear your Tom’s barefoot. The fabric, while comfortable, seems to love to breed odor causing bacteria. Plus, compared to my leather shoes, it wears down quicker. Gekks solve both of these issues. Our antimicrobial yarn kills odor causing bacteria while the fabric of Gekks protects your shoes from your feet.

But of course, the biggest issue, will Gekks show in my Tom’s? Absolutely not.

In one of the below pictures I’m wearing Gekks and in the other I’m going (gasp) sockless. Can you tell which is which? Of course not, that’s kind of our whole thing.



When choosing the right pair of Gekks for your Tom’s, there are a couple of things to consider. Both Gekks for Flats and Gekks for Loafers work well in Tom’s (which you chose is a matter of preference). Gekks for Loafers are thicker than our Gekks for flats. Gekks for Loafers also have larger toe box. If you are looking for a true comfy sock feel and have a little bit of room to spare in your Tom’s, Loafers are going to be the Gekks for you! If you are looking for a lighter sock and don’t mind have a little less toe coverage or have really tight-fitting Tom’s, Gekks for Flats are the way to go!


(Gekks for Flats on the left, Gekks for Loafers on the right.)

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