Let’s talk about Gekks and Ankle Boots.

Kaitlyn Bradshaw

February 11, 2020

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is “Do Gekks Work in Ankle Boots?” and the answer is an emphatic “Yes!”. I’m going to show you just how this works and talk about a couple exceptions to this rule.

  1. Find the Perfect Boots.


I’ve had my eye on these Nicola boots by Free People ever since I saw them sitting in a window display by the Gekks offices. This is my favorite step of the whole installation and conveniently is the most time consuming. Remember, Gekks will NOT work in any boots that have a back zipper. Side zippers or no zipper boots only.

  1. Grab a pair of Gekks for sneakers (which now come in navy, rose, black, or teal!)

  1. Remove ALL of the stickers from your Gekks.


The stickers on your Gekks are numbered for a reason. We suggest you install the one piece first, then the second, then the third. However, because we are about to be going in blind, I’ve found it’s easiest to remove all of the stickers before we even start. Gekks are made with a silicone based adhesive so you don’t need to worry about them losing stick if they accidentally touch the wrong side of your shoes or even other adhesive pieces on your Gekks.

  1. Place your hand in your Gekks and work into the bottom of your boot.


If your boots have a zipper, unzip them as far as you can to get a better look at your installation. If there is no zipper, you’re at a slight disadvantage but don’t worry! It’s still an easy process. Line the bottom heel up with the back of your shoe and the other two pieces will line up accordingly.

  1. Massage those Gekks in place.

Paying extra attention to the adhesive pads one the sole, bottom heel, and back heel of your Gekks.

  1. Wear your boots for the rest of the day.


Wearing your Gekks in your shoes will activate the adhesive and ensure that they stay locked in place. 

  1. Slip out of your Gekks (and shoes) and call it a night.

Or don’t, I won’t judge. Either way, your Gekks will stay locked into your ankle boots ready for next time.

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