Sneaker Gekks and Air Force 1s

Kylie Rosenbloom

January 27, 2020

While I occasionally like to dress up, my go-to outfit is jeans and a pair of sneakers. My latest sneaker obsession is the Nike Air Force 1s. They’re cool, they’re classic and they go with anything (well, that’s what I like to think).

An issue I've always had with these low-cut shoes are which socks to wear with them. Regular socks always show, and typical no-show socks are uncomfortable: the tongue of the shoe rubs against the top of my foot, which can be painful, and my feet always feel overheated and sweaty. Pain and sweat – good for the soccer field, not a great combination for a casual day out. With that being said, I now have the perfect solution. Enter: Gekks.

The Benefit of Gekks

Knit with odor eliminating antimicrobial silver yarn, Gekks are guaranteed to keep your feet fresh and dry all day long. Seriously, they’re a miracle. What’s also cool about Gekks is that in addition to locking and staying in your shoe, they are designed for specific types of shoes. So instead of wearing the typical no-shows that are designed for ballet flats, put a pair of Gekks specifically created for sneakers and lace-ups into your Air Force 1s. With Gekks, you can stop searching your sock drawer for those pesky little ped socks. Instead, fasten your Sneaker Gekks into your favorite pair of sneakers and keep them in there for as long as you want.

Biggest Sneaker Complaint: Blisters

If you’re like me, you have scars all over the back of your heel and ankle from copious amounts of blisters. I had pretty much accepted that beauty was pain, and that if I wanted to wear fashionable shoes I would have to endure some blisters. That all changed when I tried out my first pair of Gekks. The cushiony heel and the soft lining was like heaven on my feet. No more bloody blisters that always seemed to ruin my new shoes, and no more awkward Band-Aids. No more stopping to pull up my socks as far as they would go up my heel only for them to slide back down again, because Gekks are fastened into your shoes via adhesive. You'll never have to worry about sock slippage again. I can now take my dog Woodstock on long walks in my new sneakers and not have to think twice about my feet. Seriously, Gekks in your sneakers is a game changer. Get yourself a pair of Air Force 1s and a pair of Sneaker Gekks to go with them.


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