The Only No-Show Sock for Your Rothy’s

Kaitlyn Bradshaw

January 21, 2020

Allow me to introduce the newest addition to my closet.


I have a pair of Rothy’s Flats in Emerald Green. When it came time for a new pair of shoes, I knew I wanted Rothy’s Points. After much trial and error, I finally found the perfect pair of socks for my Rothy’s – Gekks. 

So what are Gekks, really?

Gekks are part liner, part sock. They are a no-show sockless sundae, topped with odor eliminating antimicrobial yarn. Gekks use a special silicone-based adhesive to lock in place at the sole and heel of your shoes. There are several benefits to wearing Gekks over going sockless and to wearing Gekks over ped socks but for the sake of this post, I’m going to focus on two. 

Gekks will never show in your Rothy’s (yes, even The Point).

I know you’ve been there before. Your socks promised a truly no-show, no slip solution and yet here you are, standing in the middle of Lake Street trying to dig your ped sock out from the ball of your foot. Your socks that actually stay put are too visible to wear with your Rothy’s and the ones that don’t show have you looking like you have a mosquito bite on the bottom of your foot because they just won’t stay put. Enter Gekks.


Gekks lock in place at the sole and heel of your shoes, versus clinging to your feet. They can’t slide down your foot because unlike every other sock out there your foot isn’t their anchor. Gekks do all this while being perfectly hidden in your shoes – no matter how much toe cleavage you are rocking.

Gekks will stop your Rothy’s from smelling (yes, even you my hyperhidrosis sisters).  

If you are one of the two people I’ve met who are blessed with feet that never seem to sweat or smell, you can skip this section. But for the rest of us, I want to quote a real customer review for you.


While I love the idea of Gekks having magical powers – it’s actually just science. Gekks are moisture wicking and knit with odor eliminating yarn. You can read more about the tech behind this here. This means no more foot powder, sanitary pads, chlorox wipes, shoe freezing madness. 

Foot odor is embarrassing but what’s worse is ruining your favorite shoes by letting odor causing bacteria sign a long-term lease in the sides and soles of those shoes. Gekks have your back.  

Gekks protect your shoes, they protect your nose, and did I mention they are machine washable? Grab a pair of Gekks for flats, combine them with your favorite Rothy’s (Points or Flats) and see what you have been missing. Seriously, my fellow Rothy’s fans, this is going to change the way you look at socks.


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