How Gekks Help My ADHD

Jess Fang

March 03, 2019

There are a lot of things I've learned throughout the years that help manage my ADHD, also known as Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder. Small things like constant background music, regular exercise, wearing rings for fidgets, and so on help aid the day to day. The list of tips are essentially endless as I learn more about my body and adapt to the changes in my life.

When I started working for Gekks, I realized that these beautiful no show socks were an ADHD miracle for footwear! What's so beneficial about them? Two main reasons.

  1. I don't have to look for missing socks. Ever again.

Losing things have been a side hobby of mine my whole life, so I never had an attachment to things, especially socks. Looking for socks has probably sucked a month out of my life so far. If you have Dory memory and poor sock drawer organizational skills like me, Gekks is the Nemo for your socks! Gekks use these sticky adhesive pads to lock onto the heel, bottom, and tongue of your shoes. They stay in there for the lifespan of your flats, sneakers, loafers, and heels. With Gekks, all I have to do is slip on my shoes and go since they're already in my shoes!

  1. My feet don't smell no matter how active I am.

Gekks are knit with a high-tech silver anti-microbial yarn that eliminates odor causing bacteria. With it's moisture wicking capabilities, you don't have to wash them often, or at all really. I have Gekks in all of my shoes, including my Converse for the gym! Surprisingly after months of wearing them, I have yet to stick them in the wash, especially cause they don't smell. Plus, this means spending less time and money on laundry!


Small things that add value to my life are incredibly important to me, so I guess Gekks found a way into my ADHD heart.  

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