Gekks Hack: Do Gekks Work in Ankle Boots?

Jess Fang

February 13, 2019

The most asked question is, "Do Gekks work in booties?" and I'm here to tell you "kind of". No, Gekks were not specifically designed for ankle boots, however, if you buy Gekks for sneakers, you can insert them in certain styles of booties!


Now this only applies to short booties where the zipper (if there is a zipper) does not open at the heel. Combat boots or lace-up booties do not apply as well since Gekks will not be able to reach a tongue of that length. When you do install your Gekks, you'll want to guesstimate and put the tongue adhesive where the top of your foot would be.


We wanted to show you just how we make Gekks work with a pair of Lucky Brand Black Glove Napa Boots ft. our very lovely Kaitlyn!



Get the look: Gekks for Sneakers, Lucky Brand Ankle Boots



Please refer to our Installation page for more information on how to install your Gekks and if you have any more questions, feel free to send us an email at

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